Matt Fisher

*Accepting new clients*


The ability to open up and speak one’s mind can take great courage, therefore my primary goal in counselling is to provide a safe, supportive and comfortable environment built on a foundation of trust, kindness, non-judgment and empathic understanding. I believe that by helping people tap into the knowledge, strength and wisdom within themselves, we can work together to overcome many of the obstacles that may be holding us back from experiencing all that life has to offer. As no two people are the same, I take a person-centered approach to find ways to empower each individual based on their own needs and goals. My experience working with athletes has shown me the power of the mind-body connection. Therefore my work with clients is informed by mind-body connection type approaches to counselling. I am trained in EMDR therapy, CBT, and take a somatic approach in order to utilize the resources we hold both mentally and physically. Regardless of the difficulties that life may throw at us, human beings inherently possess a great number of resources that can allow us to overcome such challenges as depression, anxiety, or the stresses we face from our everyday lives, and I strive to help you find ways to achieve whatever it is you may be looking for from counselling.

Education & Experience

After spending the last 15 years mentoring and coaching athletes from the youth to professional levels in a highly stressful, competitive environment, I have shifted my focus from helping people achieve physical excellence, to helping them improve mentally. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and am in the process of completing my internship requirements for a Master of Counselling degree. As a lifelong student I have taken my thirst for knowledge and combined it with my experience as a mentor to both youth and adults to better equip myself in my role as a counsellor. I continually look for ways to improve my understanding of both the mind and the body in order to strengthen my abilities to empower others.




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