**As advised by the provincial health officer, the provincial and national counselling associations, and Work Safe BC, we will continue to primarily offer services via telehealth. Face-to-face services are considered on case by-case bases when in person services is not possible or practical.  We have a thorough COVID-19 safety plan consent process for in-person services which will be reviewed prior to engaging in face-to-face services.**

50 minute counselling session $150 (GST included)
75 minute counselling session $215 (GST included) 

50 minute counselling session with Intern Counsellor $60 

*EMDR consultation for therapists: please email Valentina for rates and availability.

*EMDR intensives (multiple hours of reprocessing) are possible but depend on scheduling availability and need to be arranged in advance

*Please note, that our rates reflect the revised fee schedule of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and reflect our extensive training and experience.

Third Party Payers & Extended Benefits Plans


Valentina is a registered service provider with ICBC.

Work Safe BC

Valentina is a registered service provider with WCB.

Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP)

We are registered providers with the Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP) and offer services to victims or those closely affected by crime. To learn more to learn more about this program and find eligibility criteria, please click here. Please note that CVAP only covers a portion if the session fee. It is the client’s responsibility to pay the difference.

Extended Benefits

Our services are covered by most extended benefits plans. Please check with your provider if your specific plan covers counselling services. ​

Virtual Counselling

Physical distancing can be a significant road block in accessing specialized services. In an effort to breach the gap of available services we offer Virtual Counselling Services.  We use Doxy.me, a secure and confidential platform specifically designed for virtual health care and is in compliance in with the Canadian Privacy Law. Fees are as described above.

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