Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Do you feel powerless to deal with your mood, anxiety or your past?

We are here for you – virtually!

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Individual & Group EMDR Consultation

Our Philosophy

We started our collective practice over five years ago hoping to encourage and empower clients, and each other, in our journeys.

What brought you to us? Is it changes in your life or life transitions? Or is it past or recent trauma creating challenges in terms of how you have been functioning? Perhaps you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety and they are presenting obstacles in your every day activities. Maybe you feel unsure how to manage some heavy emotions, and you desire more clarity and movement in terms of processing them.

If this resonates with your experiences, then maybe one of the steps you are considering is engaging in therapy. We would like to introduce our selves and welcome you to our practice wherever you are in your journey!

Our Team

Valentina Chichiniova, MA, RCC, CCC

Dr. Rose Record-Lemon, R.Psych. works with children, youth, and adults in community, school, and healthcare settings offering support for concerns such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, life transitions, interpersonal concerns, and more.

Dr. Rose Record-Lemon, R.Psych.

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