Psychadelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Psychedelic Integration offered by Valentina

Valentina does not promote the use of psychedelics. Her goal is to educate about the safe use of psychedelics. Research and practice show us that the safest and most effective way to use psychedelics is with the guidance of mental health professionals (e.g., therapists, trained MDs, nurses), elders, and teachers.

I have great respect and appreciation towards psychedelic medicines. However, I feel uneasy about the ways their therapeutic power is presented in popular media. They are presented as substances that work “miracles” in just one experience. Research and practice do not support this media presentation. Many factors come together to increase the benefits of those substances. How do you decide

Are Psychedelics Right for Me?

Despite all the hype around psychedelics in the media, these substances are not a good fit for everyone.

They are not a good fit for individuals who:

  • Are dealing with bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, personality disorders
  • Are looking for mental health shortcuts/quick fixes without therapy
  • Are desperate
  • Have unrealistic expectations about the power of the substances based on what they have seen in popular media

They may be a good fit for individuals who:

  • Understand that healing is a process and psychedelics work best in conjunction with therapy
  • Can afford to invest in their mental health and growth
  • Have a solid social support network
  • Have a basic level of stability

I am committed to continuous growth and thrilled to share my knowledge with you.

Special Assess Program

Valentina is a graduate of the inaugural Canadian university accredited Psychedelic Assisted Therapy program at Vancouver Island University. She specializes in psilocybin and MDMA therapy and works in teams with doctors and nurses. She is available to support individuals looking to apply for the Special Access Program (SAP) in Canada. The program supports individuals dealing with end-of-life distress, treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and more. If you are not connected with a prescribing doctor, Valentina can assist with that. Please note that only MDs and Nurse Practitioners can prescribe these medicines for the SAP.

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic integration refers to the process following a psychedelic journey. This process is even more important than the journey itself. If a psychedelic journey is like opening a door then integration is about walking through it. As Dr. Huberman stated at the Psychedelic Science Conference in Denver 2023, “neuroplasticity is not an event. It is a process.”

Valentina has specialized training in psychedelic integration that involves a deeper dive into understanding the experiences than just mainstream psychology.

Next Step

If you want to further learn if psychedelics are right for you, Valentina offers a 20-minute free consultation. To book a consultation email Valentina at

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